It is compulsory to have a GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualification in maths and English for higher education. Employers are now requiring GCSE or equivalent even more therefore these qualifications have become more popular.

There are different GCSE equivalents such as BTEC’s and NVQs but functional skills and GCSE equivalency tests are the main exams. Functional skills is the most popular exam for both English and maths. There are 5 different levels which the last level is the GCSE equivalent qualification. The levels are as follows entry level 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. There is a certain criteria that the government has for you to get funding for the functional skills course such as being 19 or younger. Unfortunately if you don’t meet the criteria, you have to sign up to the course as an independent learner and fund the exams by yourself. The exams can be taken at any point when you are ready. GCSE equivalency tests are the other exams that are useful if you are applying for teacher training courses or are thinking about teacher training. They have exams for science, maths and English and MME can help you with any information you need.

GCSE exams are the highest standard of qualifications but unlike the GCSE equivalents exams, you can’t take the exam whenever, there are two times in the year that you can take the exam so they aren’t that flexible. We provide sessions where we can go over the topics for the exam that you are sitting or planning on sitting. We also recommend that you look at MME’s website to see the materials they have and they can also book your online functional skills exam or they can book your exam at a testing centre.