Bradford Tutor Company wants to help their students with everything from their 1 to 1 tuition, to the end which is helping them revise for their GCSE maths exams!

Whether you’re receiving tuition for yourself or for your child, you will have a different revision style to the next person. Therefore we believe that the best place to start your studies is with a GCSE Maths revision guide and then you will always have a reference point for your revision and understanding the curriculum.

The GCSE maths study guide that we would like to recommend is the Maths Made Easy study guide. This is because it has only ever had stellar reviews and we believe that it has been written and laid out in the most learner friendly way.The MME gcse maths revision guide covers every topic on the curriculum for all major exam boards (AQA, WJEC, OCR and Edexcel) whilst still only being one compact revision guide that offers the most practice and support.

Each topic follows the structure of having: an introduction, explanation, worked examples, drill questions and then practice questions that you can then self check with the separate answer sheet to ensure minimal constant back and forth flicking through! And then if you still feel like you need further explanations to the questions, the book also includes links to videos that offer those further explanations.

We believe that this GCSE maths revision guide will put you in the right direction to kickstart your revision by creating your own revision notes/flashcards or revision plan. But, we also understand that this time can be stressful and overwhelming so we are always here to offer you any support in extra tuition provided by Bradford Tutor Company.