Free Functional Skills Courses


If you are looking for a free Functional skills course that is available to learners then look no further, At bradford Tutor Company we aim to help learners get free functional skills Maths and English level 2 courses. The following article below will explain how you can access a free level 2 Functional skills course, if you’d like immediate access to this course you can sign up now by clicking on the following the link below.


Free Functional Skills level 2 Course



Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

This course is usually taken by those whose maths is currently below GCSE level, you’ll learn to do things like rounding, recognising patterns and using fractions. This course will allow you to move onto further education like apprenticeships and chosen University’s. Our leading free level 2 maths course is accessible now for free by clicking on the link below, we have included a bonus pre-assessment which determines the key areas you need to improve on.

Free Functional Skills level 2 Course


Free Functional Skills English level 2 Course


At Bradford Tutor Company we provide access to a free Functional skills English level 2 course that learners use for exam preparation. Our course covers the 3 core topics such as communication, writing and SLC (Speaking Listening Communicating). This course is combined into 3 subject topics that include Reading, Writing, Listening and (SLC). To sign up now for a free Functional skills English course you must fill out the form in the link below and you will be granted immediate access upon registering.


Free Functional Skills Level 2 Online Course