Bradford Tutor Company helps people to prepare for City and Guilds functional skills exams. To help you with this preparation, our team along with the help of our partners at MME have assembled over 20 City and Guild Functional Skills past papers that are on offer on the MME website, free of charge. These papers include a large variety of questions for you to have a go at so you can get used to what kind of questions will be asked during the exam, as well as what kind of answers the exam board will be looking for with the mark schemes that are included.

The City and Guilds Functional Skills qualification itself that you will earn is the equivalent to a GCSE in the subject that you take, and is a similar process to that of other functional skills exams. The exam covers all of the same content as other functional skills exams, the main difference of taking this specific exam is that it is marked and awarded by City and Guilds, one of the most renown exam boards in the UK. This is offered by MME as an alternative to other functional skills exams for those who have a preference or those who specifically need a qualification from City and Guilds.

Similar to other functional skills exams that MME offers, this exam is sat online. To be able to sit the exam, you will need access to a computer or laptop with a working microphone and webcam. This is so you are able to communicate with your invigilator, who will invite you to a video call on the day of the exam and help you set up your exam.